Audio mastered through a hybrid chain of analogue hardware & digital plugins.

Bringing tracks up to level, retaining good dynamics, enhancing the music & ensuring the best playback across all systems.

Mastering for Digital

Release-ready digital masters.

1-4 tracks = £25 each
5-10 tracks = £22 each
11+ tracks = £20 each

Optimised for Vinyl

A version optimised for vinyl, without the end limiting stage and slightly more dynamic range. Ready to be sent to a Cutting Engineer so that they can finalise the vinyl mastering process and cut the lacquer master discs.

£10 additional per track

Mastering from Stems

Stems processed + stereo bus mastered through analogue hardware and digital plugins. Digital master provided back on completion. Find Out More

Base rate (1 stereo stem) = £25
Each additional stem = £10

Kit List

  • IGS Tubecore 3U Mastering Edition
    (Tube Compressor)
  • TK Audio BC1-THD
    (Solid State Compressor)
  • Elysia xfilter Mastering Edition
    (Solid State Equaliser)
  • Tegeler Audio EQP-1
    (Tube Equaliser)
  • SSL Fusion
    (Analogue Stereo Master Processor)
  • Prism Sound Lyra 2
    (Digital-to-Analogue & Analogue-to-Digital Converters)
  • Furman Power Conditioner 
  • Select Plugins 
  • Adam A7X Studio Monitors
  • Sennheiser HD 660S Headphones
  • Acoustically treated room

Pre-Master Guidelines

  • Keep peaks below -3dBfs.
  • Avoid limiting, clipping or heavy compression on the mix bus.
  • 24-bit or 32-bit WAV or AIF format.
  • Export at the same sample rate as the DAW session (Usually 48kHz or 44.1kHz).

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Digital masters are delivered as 16-bit 44.1kHz WAV by default, as this is the distribution standard. Other formats are available on request at no extra charge.
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